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Using custom LWC components in lightning datatable

Using this article, you will be able to use custom LWC lightning component in lightning-datatable. PFB screenshot:

Here I created custom component to show in column UPLOAD

For doing this, you can follow 3 steps as below:

Step 1 : create custom component as follows.

pocCustomComp.html :

        Id: {recordId}
    <lightning-file-upload label="Upload"
export default class PocCustomComp extends LightningElement {
    @api recordId;
    @api acceptedFormats;
    handleUploadFinished() {
        this.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('uploadfinished', {
            composed: true,
            bubbles: true,
            cancelable: true,
            detail: {
                data: { name: 'some data', recordId: this.recordId }
        this.dispatchEvent(new ShowToastEvent({
            title: 'Completed',
            message: 'File has been uploaded',

Step 2 : Create a new component which extends datatable


import LightningDatatable from 'lightning/datatable';
import pocFileUpload from './pocFileUpload.html';

export default class PocLightningDatatable extends LightningDatatable {
    static customTypes = {
        fileUpload: {
            template: pocFileUpload,
            typeAttributes: ['acceptedFormats'],

Here we are defining custom data types – fileUpload. Also do you notice that we are importing pocFileUpload template? You need to create pocFileUpload.html in the same folder as pocLightningDatatable

pocFileUpload.html – you have to use the custom component that we created before.

<!-- pocFileUpload.html -->
    <c-poc-custom-comp record-id={value}

Observe the usage of value here, it is automatically passed as the value for the fieldName we define in columns.

Step 3 : We can use the component (that extended datatable) where-ever we want

	<c-poc-lightning-datatable key-field="id"

And the javascript which uses custom datatype:

@track data = [];
	connectedCallback() {
		this.columns = [
			{ label: 'Name', fieldName: 'Name', typeAttributes: { acceptedFormats: '.jpg,.jpeg,.pdf,.png' } },
			{ label: 'Account Number', fieldName: 'AccountNumber' },
			{ label: 'Upload', type: 'fileUpload', fieldName: 'Id' }
		findAccounts().then(res => { = res; }).catch(err => console.error(err));
	handleUploadFinished(event) {
		console.log('data => ', JSON.stringify(;

Note: pocLightningDatatable.html will not have anything in it.


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  1. How do you save the file you uploaded on the record?
    Also, is it possible for lookup, picklist etc?


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